Offering Professional Mold Inspection and Testing Services

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Mold is a fungus that grows in moist areas in and around your house. And it can cause serious health issues if it starts contaminating your air. Turn to Certified Home Inspection, LLC for comprehensive mold inspection and testing services to keep your family safe.

We'll check every area where moisture could be seeping in and walk you through the details of the report so that you can take the appropriate actions to fix your mold problem. You can add this service to your home inspection or as a stand-alone assessment.

Contact us today. Our mold inspectors can inspect homes in and around Cabin Creek, WV.

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There are many reasons why mold inspections and testing are important. Consider that you'll be...

  • Protecting your home from potential damage
  • Avoiding potential health risks from breathing in harmful mold spores
  • Able to catch mold growths early on before they grow into a huge problem

Certified Home Inspection can help you find mold quickly. If you've experienced the symptoms of mold exposure or your home has suffered water damage, don't hesitate to call our certified mold inspectors for help.